Sunday, April 14, 2013

Parade of the Handsome

Yes, I realize I'm jumping ahead of the current season by posting a juvenile Robin eating berries last August in the Arboretum, is so damn handsome I must share. My birding nerves are a-jangle in anticipation of the arrival of migrants and nests releasing fledglings--this shot is a foretaste of our upcoming avian pleasures.

Here are two more fearsomely good-looking birds to tide us over until spring is in full-on mode.

Without resorting to hyperbole, I have to say that this is the most handsome, distinguished crow I've ever seen--the late afternoon sun glossifying his plumage to perfection. Quintessential crow.

Twenty seconds later, I spied one of Capitol Hill's Cooper's Hawks patrolling the trees and lawn of Holy Names--unperturbed by dogs and children frolicking below. The intense orange-yellow eye reveals that it's a juvenile.

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