Sunday, June 6, 2010

Seeing Red

Please meet my new best friend, the cinnabar moth. It is improbably beautiful and striking, straight from central casting for enchanting winged creatures. I discovered it while birding in a field next to the Black River in Renton yesterday afternoon.

The intensity of the red and the black, the graphic interplay of the dots and swirls, remind me of Preston Singletary's glasswork (below, top, is Raven Steals the Stars). Another striking red-black combo is this hybrid red-naped x red-breasted sapsucker sucking sap in Hylebos Wetlands Park in Federal Way yesterday.


  1. Great comparison between the moth & the glasswork, & that sapsucker is very striking. Enjoyed these!

  2. The moth is beautiful! And what a great idea to tie the patterns on the moth and the bird in with the glass work.

  3. Thanx have hundreds of cinnabar in the highlands.