Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cute Butt!

I've never been much of an ass connoisseur (human or otherwise), but this white-breasted nuthatch's butt is the cutest avian posterior I've ever seen.

Nuthatches are perennially peripatetic; they are forever nimbly scrambling around tree trunks in search of food. Like creepers, chickadees and bushtits, they are industrious and seemingly indefatigable. I have never seen one at rest, just doing nothing. Even hummingbirds, certainly the most energetic of birds, take breaks and nap in the sun.

Nuthatches have the ability to scale trees upside down, as shown above, and sideways. Needless to say, it was a workout to follow their movements with my camera.


  1. Wonderful nuthatch photos & observations--& definitely a cute butt.

  2. It's a total party butt! So decorative!

  3. Nice. Your nuthatches are much prettier than ours, which are also really nervous. Whenever I see one and dive for the camera, they're gone before I can focus.

  4. I know, they are very mobile. I was really happy to get these fairly sharp images.