Monday, July 4, 2011

Kitchen Table Birding

I didn't have to go further afield than my own kitchen to witness this absurd yet amusing avian trick: the old I'm-so-addicted-to-pistachios-that-I-will-endanger-my-life-to-eat-one gambit.
Stripey looks on smirking.

Poor Lemon was not able to get herself out without my help--but even as she was stuck, she continued to eat nuts.

This is not a stunt that I will encourage. Such is motherhood.


  1. That really does look like a smirk, doesn't it? Wow!

  2. This is too funny and reminds me of a time I found a squirrel stuck in a bird feeder, lesson learned that day is that tugging on a bushy tail is highly disapproved upon no matter how much you are trying to help