Saturday, April 25, 2020

Birder's Joy

FOUND: Active Anna's hummingbird nest! Yesterday, I achieved one of my long-standing birding dreams: finding an in-use hummingbird nest (as opposed to an out-of-service one, which I've done twice). 
While out walking in Kenmore close to Wallace Creek yesterday, I first heard, then saw an Anna's severely educating two misguided song sparrows. I scanned the area, assuming her nest was close by. 

And yes, it was gracefully perched between two sapling trunks, waist-high (mine, not hers), with a sword fern frond as a partial umbrella/sunshade. Two little wrigglers inside, probably 3-5 days old. 
Birder's joy. (Don't worry, I waited until the mother was off the nest to get close.)


  1. Lovely find! I do hope the little hummingbabies will grow up safe and protected.
    Greetings from Sri Lanka!

  2. That is an amazing find!
    John Granen