Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Path to Yum

"You guys are so mean!" Uncensored and admonishing, these were the first words out of my mouth yesterday.  (Yes, I talk involuntarily out loud to birds.)

I was talking to the two crows who lucked upon a juvenile robin for breakfast yesterday. As I approached, one flew off with its head. The body was freshly dead, still warm and pliable.

While I photographed the body, one crow stood sentry above, waiting to claim the corpse.

Many conflicting thoughts: Those damn opportunist crows. But crows need to eat. I love crows. The cycle of life. The poor bereft robin parents. Robins are plentiful and skilled procreators, at least thus far into the century. Survival is a numbers game; that's why birds lay so many eggs, sometimes more than once per breeding season. I, too, am an opportunist. I am taking advantage of the bird's death by transforming it into a blog entry. Opportunism has a perjorative implication, but in the ecological sense, it can be used in a neutral sense too, I think.

Here is a more amusing, and less successful, Attempt At Yum I saw a few hours later in Marymoor Park in Redmond:

Clearly, this male mallard had found his own Path To Yum, as evidenced by his grassy beak.


  1. You were at Marymoor and didn't let us know?!!

  2. the most beautiful corpse I have seen...